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By Estelle Obnona One upon a time there were two girls, Nina and Louisa. Louisa always thought she was cool and popular. So every day she bragged about her iphone, ipod, ipad and apple tv. She was the most popular girl in the 6th grade. Nina was not so cool and pretty. One day, the 6th grade was doing a play. Nina made a mistake. When she made the mistake, it was the dress rehearsal. The next day at the real play Louisa planned to make Nina mess up even more. Nina was very embarrassed. All her friends were laughing at her. But her best friend went over to her and told her, “Don’t worry.” She felt better.


  1. Sharon Cohen saban says:

    You should Never make fun of your friends

  2. Michelle saka says:

    Never brag

  3. I learned to always pay back a favor

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