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By Paula Guindi I study with my friend and I ask her, can I have some candy. she answers no. I give her a big piece from my candy but when I ask to get a piece from her candy, she gives me a crumb. That’s a bad friend.


  1. Love you Paula now I know to never give anyone a crumb because I don’t wanna be a bad friend

  2. Esther Habert says:

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  3. Esti lazar says:

    Omg. I learned so much from this

  4. Always be nice or no one would wanna be your friend and that’s not right

  5. Great story be a good friend and ppl will be your friend!

  6. Nice!!!

  7. Good story

  8. Nice

  9. Nice

  10. David Guindi says:

    Always be a good friend and share with what you have

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