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Stories to Build Friendship

By Charlie Chera   Chaim’s Bar Mitzvah was in two days. But, he didn’t know how to read the Torah. He went to his best friend Yaakov. “Yaakov, can you help me with taamim?” Yaakov said, “Sorry, I can’t.” Chaim was disappointed. He went to this boy, named Meir. Chaim didn’t like Meir because he wasn’t good at sports. Chaim was desperate so he had to ask him to help with taamim. He said, “Meir, you are smart and cool. So, I want to know if you want to teach me taamim. Meir said, “Yes. Please come over my house and we’ll work on it.” Chaim went to his house. He learned it. They day of his bar mitzvah he read the torah great. He didn’t forget anything. He felt great. Everybody asked him, “Who taught you taamim?” Chaim answered, “I taught myself.” When Meir heard this he was very upset. Meir had taught Chaim so well and Chaim took all the credit. You should never take advantage of anybody. Sooner or later, people will find out how Chaim lied. You should never lie. If you lie, eventually you will never have any friends.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t take credit for things you didn’t do you should not take the credit for other ppl even though you want to and then you will get credit you will be with your friends

  2. Sonny Azizian says:


  3. Bette jane says:

    It is a great story and I learned not to take credit for someone else’s hard work and time.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. racquel guindi says:

    I learned that you should never take the credit for what someone else did that is even worse that cheating on a test

  6. nancy toussie says:

    i learned that you should never lie because stuff can go wrong and you wont have freind i learned a lot that was very nice!!!!!

  7. Brenda Sardar says:

    I learned if you lie you won’t have any friends

  8. This story teaches some good lessons. We shouldn’t like people just because of how well they play sports. Also we should give credit to the people who deserve it.

  9. Nicole abramson says:

    From this story i learned that u shouldnt take cretdit for something u didnt do because sooner or later u wont have ANY friends

  10. Nicole abramson says:

    From this story i learned that u shouldnt take cretdit for something u didnt do and dont not like someone just because he or she doesnt like what u like u can still be friends

  11. Danielle Dweck says:

    I learned never to lie or you will not have any friends and always give others credit if they help

  12. rabbi shelby says:

    rabbi shelby is very proud of you!!!!

  13. I learned that you should never give up on a true FRIEND

  14. Judy Sitt says:

    i learned not to take advantage of someone

  15. Judy Sitt says:

    i learned not to take advantage of others.

  16. Very important lesson!! Thank you charlie!

  17. Charlie this is a very important lesson.
    We should never just use somebody and not give them any credit. I will Defintally never do that again, thank you for making such a beautiful story to teach not only me but everybody not to use anybody.

  18. Charlie I’m very happy that you made this story. This is not just a story, this happens in everyday life. I learne not to use any anybody. Thank you for teaching me such a important lesson

  19. Daniel Mandler says:

    I learned from this story that sometimes you could win money and have fake friends and sometimes when you loose money you could have real friends

  20. Maurice pardes says:

    I learned from this story that you shouldn’t use your friends if they have money or a toy that u want u should like them for who they are.

  21. charlie, great job! lesson learned! i learned to never take advantage of ANYBODY, if you do then that’s not nice at all, and u get a big sin. thank you for bringing out this very important message.

  22. I think that was a very nice thing to do for her
    and the rest of the girls were very mean to her

  23. olga abouhamra says:

    I leaned that if you don’t know how to read tora you call your friend

  24. People don’t need Facebook, instagram, twitter that only shows Ur geoulous and u want to show the popular girl I’m Cool I’m Just like you and that makes a fake girl

  25. Alan Cohen says:

    I learned that u shouldn’t use anybody! True friendship is when a friend helps somebody to help them, not to just take all the credit! Not only did Chaim lie, he’s also just making a big fool out of himself and sooner or later he will not have any friends, I hope that Who ever reads this they will never do what Chaim did. Thank you for that beautiful lesson!!

  26. Wow very good. Defintally lesson learned! I learned never to use somebody. If you do use somebody it’s not nice, u will get a averah, and u won’t have ANY friends.
    Thanks charlie for sending the message!
    Good luck and hope u get the prize!!

  27. Great story and good lesson for everyone. Very impressed. Good luck, you deserve it.

  28. to alway help someone when it is the eczack time to help
    That hat if you help someone it is a big misvah
    yakov should be a littelbit nicer

  29. very good charlie! I learned to never take advantage of somebody, its VERY BAD!!

  30. Joey kafif says:

    Nice one Charlie I hope u win

  31. Excellent story! One should never lie or take advantage of others as this story so beautifully illustrates. Great job Charlie!

  32. Very good Charlie I learned to never lie. If you lie u wont have any friends. Good job on the beautiful story

  33. I learned not to use anybody. Hopefully now I won’t ever do that, thanks for the lesson Charlie!

  34. Esther gramndma says:

    Very nice wow I learned a lot

  35. I really learned allot when you toled me I’m not allowed to talk during tephyla

  36. Linda Cohen says:

    This is a very beautiful story and extremely well written! Good job Charlie and good luck!

  37. Great story and a great lesson to learn!

  38. Hope you win good luck

  39. Wow Beautiful job charlie

  40. beautiful

  41. Hope you win

  42. Charlie I hope you win good luck

  43. I learned so Much good luck I hope you win

  44. Very good I really learned a lot

  45. very good. i will never ever do that. great job!

  46. i wont ever do that! very good!!

  47. nice hope you win very good!

  48. wow learned alot. at the end they will find out and it will be very bad!

  49. I learned alot

  50. I really learned a lot I hope h win

  51. wow very impressed, nice!

  52. wow I learned a lot

  53. I really learned a lot!

  54. Esther Chera says:

    Very nice Charlie!

  55. Mice hope u win

  56. hope you win

  57. good job!!

  58. good!

  59. nice

  60. Benjamin sahalon says:

    Great job Charlie!!!

  61. thank you

  62. learned alot

  63. charlie chera says:


  64. wow very good really touches me

  65. wow nice
    really touches me

  66. Wow very good

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