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By Marc Hazan The sign of a good friend is when a boy sees you in hard times and you’re down, he confronts you and is there for you no matter what happens. That is a good friend. For example there were a few boys playing football during recess. And there was a boy named, Sammy, sitting on the side doing nothing. He didn’t have many friends. So the boys approached Sammy and asked him if he wanted to play with them. Sammy was incredibly happy that kids wanted him to play with them. When they were playing it was first down the score was 3 up. The quarterback threw it to Sammy, but he missed. All of Sammy’s teammates told him “Nice try, don’t worry, you’ll catch next time.” And again the same thing happened and Sammy’s teammates said,”Nice try don’t worry, you’ll catch it next time.” It was 4th down the quarterback threw it to Sammy. Sure enough he caught it and ran it for the winning touchdown for the team. All the boys crowded around him chanting his name. He was so happy and the boys were happy that he was happy.


  1. taylor cohen says:

    Hi Marc! hahahahaah! This story is very inspiring and it was so nice how you guys included Sammy and made him feel involved!

  2. Evan franco says:

    Very nice and inspiring

  3. Jack Hazan says:

    Marc, that was a great story. I’m so proud of you and how as a young man you are wise enough to recognize the value of being sincere and greeting people with open arms. Also the value of seeing the best in people and encouraging them. When you genuinely put confidence and support behind someone one, you help them achieve their highest potential. What more could one ask for from a friend!

  4. David haZan says:

    Great story Marc! You should always be a leader and encourage others to do the right thing ! Keep it u buddy !!

  5. Sharon Cohen saban says:

    You shouldn’t listen to what other people think just try your best and you’ll make it

  6. Michelle Hazan says:

    It’s a touching story to see how you recognized that its more important to include someone, and give them a few chances at something, more importantly than winning a game. And the happy ending was that everyone was a winner bec they felt good About themselves and so did Sammy – in so many ways!! Great story!!

  7. Jojo Hazan says:

    Great story love the morals

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