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By Abie Nahamias Someone who is a bad friend might only like you for what you have. And if you get into a fight and you re afraid, your friend will stick up for you. He will be happy for you when you accomplish what you set to accomplish, like not getting jealous.


  1. be happy for what you have you dont have to be jealous be happy just the way you are

  2. Joane Ovadia says:

    Great story. They say let me see your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. Choose friends that make you feel good and like you just the way you are

  3. Daniella salem says:

    Yeh Abie. You are sooo right and am sure that in the future will know how do u choice ur friend .

  4. Isaac Zeitouni says:

    Beautiful Essay. This reminds me of a Quote by Socrates “Prosperity makes friends. Misfortune tries them”… The True Test of a True Friend is how he Treats you when you have nothing to offer him.
    I give this Essay Two Thumbs up !

  5. isaac nahamias says:

    very nice thought abie yes we all need to choose our friends and we need to choose the right friends. some people are bad and do things to hurt you because they are jealous. do your best and the right people will surround you.

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