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Jewish Stories on Self Control

By Sophia Hindy Always on Shabbat I love to look my best. So I always iron my hair . I started noticing that I had dead ends in my hair. My sister told me, “If you keep on ironing you hair will be rough and dry”. I told her to hide the iron from my. But, she said, “No, I want you to have self control. I am not always going to be here to stop you.” From then on I stopped.


  1. Bette jane says:

    It’s good that we all learnt self control because if she wasn’t there to help you now you wouldn’t have anyone to stop you when you get older

  2. i think her sister is very smart

  3. Nina Nahum says:

    Never give up on something your heart believes in. Stay determined and you will achieve anything!

  4. if u don,t know how to iron your hair don,t do it because you will get hurt

  5. liat benattar says:

    everyone has a talent, don’t give up and you will find it

  6. Woow! Now I see why you told me not to iron my hair anymore! Love this story!

  7. This shows that u may not have somthing right now bit it will come in the future it’s amzing

  8. I learned you have to stop yourself don’t make people stop you
    And You should have self control

  9. sophia hamadani says:

    to always have self control but to never get angry

  10. avivit elart says:

    To never try to look very pretty on shabbat and just wing it so from now on just never look pretty on shabbat

  11. shulamit yacobof says:

    I think that it dosent mather if peple do not like how you look as long as you like it

  12. eden yatcha says:

    you should never care about your looks just care about how you act to your friends and family

  13. julie kabariti says:

    you sould always have self control and do what you think is best

  14. I learnt from this you shouldn’t give up, and keep on trying different things in the world.

  15. you should have self control

  16. olga khalifie says:

    This also teaches me that always try to do stuff

  17. shelly said says:

    this teaches me that i shouldnt do that when shabbat is coming this is a good story

  18. sarajenani says:

    I lerned that U have to learn how to stop yourself not make ppl stop you

  19. Marci sutton says:

    I learnt from this that not everyone is gonna be able to help you in life

  20. Learning self control is something you have to do on your own,that’s whe whole point

  21. If you don’t succeed the 1st time,there’s no reason to stop there; just try again

  22. It teaches me how to have self control

  23. I likes it bec it’s good bec u lean to have self control

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