Jewish Ethics on Positive Attitude – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Carolyn Harary Everyone has bad days. But what gets me mad isn’t when I trip, get hurt or even don’t feel good. I get mad when someone bullies me with words. They seem so small yet go a long way. So, how do I get back on my feet after that? Running, being with my friends, and staying with my family.


  1. Danielle Dweck says:

    I think you should never bully someone no matter what it’s with

  2. Don’t be mad for small and stupid things

  3. I learned that I shouldn’t just be mad the whole day instead you should either talk to someone or do something we love

  4. This insperational story helped me think of how your Hobbies can become your mind set

  5. I learned that even the smallest things you say can hurt someone so you always have to be careful with what you say

  6. When people are mean to you, you shouldn’t take it and make it worse you should do what makes you happy and it will probably leave your mind and you won’t care.

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