Jewish Core Values on Positive Attitude – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Sari Kassin There was a girl named Lori. One day, she woke up early in the morning to make her bus for school. She put on her uniform and went downstairs. But, as she was walking down the steps, she fell and hurt her leg. She got up and went to eat her breakfast. As she opened the cabinet, she realized that her favorite breakfast wasn’t there. She said to herself, “it’s ok I will eat something else.” When she got to school, she realized that she was having a test that day and she forgot to study. She thought to herself, “Everything happens for a reason. I will probably do a good job anyway.” By thinking positive all the time you will be happier.


  1. When someone has a positive attitude and if they dont and there working on it good job

  2. Always have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE because you can do anything

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