Inspirational Story on Self Discipline – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Bashy Blatter Coming home from a hard day of school with a lot of homework on her back, Miri was exhausted. She gazed at her library book sitting on the couch staring back at her saying, “Come on. You are almost done reading me! You love to read. Come on. ” Then Miri’s knapsack caught her eyes. If she did her homework, she would read after and do well on her Chumash test tomorrow. Should she finish reading her book? The book was just so tempting. Or, maybe, she should just do her homework and then read? Miri started to lift up her knapsack and head upstairs to her room. When once again she saw her book, she didn’t know why she loved books so much and had such a great desire to read. Miri scrunched her eyes shut as not to even see her book and ran upstairs. Finally, when her homework was finished, she sat down on the couch with her book. She made the right choice.


  1. The girl in the story did the right choice.

  2. this story teaches me to have self control. we don’t always get what we want, but we need to do whats best for ourselves! great story!

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