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Inspirational Story on Positive Attitude – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Juliet Nasar When you have a bad day, like you failed a test, or you can’t concentrate on school. What do you do to bounce back or feel better? I go to school and try to get distracted with other things. Then when I come home everything is all better. One other thing I do is I think of the things that Hashem blessed me with like how my family can afford to buy me things, that I have some very good friends that always make me feel better, and that I’m not disabled. If you have someone who is mean or annoying and you can’t get rid of, then you should just change your point of view and think of things that are good about them. Then you should try to bring those good things out and let them shine.


  1. This is such an inspirational story like now I’ll always remember this

  2. Very inspirational look for the good

  3. Robert Cohen says:

    When ever I feel sad again, I will remember to use this advice

  4. Lizzy Nasar says:

    I learned what I’m sad to make me feel better

  5. Very inspirational! Meet important to always see the positive.

  6. Ellen Hakim says:

    That was deep

  7. Find the good and focus on it

  8. This is a great point get past the bad and look for the good

  9. I absolutely love this lesson you should always find the good in things

  10. Always look for the good

  11. This is a very good lesson you should always see the good in people and look past the bad

  12. Elliot Alboucai says:

    Nice story love it!

  13. Focus on the good!!

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