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By Sari Cattan  In my opinion social media can affect friendships and relationships in both good and bad ways. In a negative way, social media gives you the wrong judgment of others and gives others the wrong judgment of you. If one of your friends doesn’t post a picture for your birthday, apparently it means that you are not close friends. It definitely lowers your confidence, especially when you see a popular person who has tons of followers and getting lots of likes and you are not getting as many as them. Everything with these social media causes people to make judgments about each other.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. Judy Sitt says:

    I learned that social media is not glod

  2. Judy Sitt says:

    I learned that social media is bad

  3. raphael ammar says:

    i too will use social media with more thought and without writing dumb things without thinking

  4. Very true

  5. emily shamah says:

    i learned that social media can affect friendship and that’s not good

  6. This can make you and your friend wont be as close friends as you used to be.

  7. michelle ryba says:

    social media can hurt people if their friend posts a picture of them that they don’t want posted, it could really humiliate them.

  8. shelley shamah says:

    this story teaches a very good lesson. it teaches me that if i was on social media and i get offended by something that 1 its okay to be upset and 2 you should try to ignore what they’re doing.

  9. His is so true I want ro tell this to my friends ur sos smart

  10. i agree

  11. Uncle Joe Cattan says:

    I will take your advice and use social media with more thought. Thanks.

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