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By Adina Feigelstein Shira burst into the classroom. Her eyes were sparkling with excitement. She announced to the whole class that she had gotten the newest game that was very expensive. All day, during recess and lunch, Shira talked about the game. A crowd of girls gathered around her to listen. Among those girls was Naomi who was extremely jealous of Shira. She had begged her parents to get that game but they said it was too expensive. Naomi longed to play the game at least once. “I must go over to Shira’s house,” she thought. Throughout the day, Naomi hung around with Shira walking with her. She invited Shira to play ball at recess and sat next to her at lunch. Shira took a liking to Naomi right away. But, Naomi didn’t really like Shira so much. One day, Shira invited Naomi to her house to play. Naomi immediately accepted the invitation. At Shira’s house, they played the expensive game over and over and Naomi loved every minute of it. “Now, I could stop being her friend. Sure, I’ll be friendly. But, I’ll hang around with my friends.” A week later, Morah announced that there would be a big test the next day. Naomi was nervous for the rest of the day. How will I study? Shira called her after school and said, “I saw you were very nervous today when Morah announced the test. I’ll help you study.” Shira explained very patiently and clearly the material on the test. Naomi began to understand it. The next day, at recess, Shira was standing on the side of the yard while Naomi started a game of Machanayim. Naomi ignored Shira. “After all, I am not her friend anymore.” Shira asked Naomi if she could play. Naomi looked at her and said, “No. We are in the middle of the game. You can’t play.” Shira looked at Naomi with a shocked expression on her face. She turned her back and walked away.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


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