From the Torah on Teamwork – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Sari Alfaks In color war, people usually want to be the general or the captain. The hidden talents are the kids on the team. Compliment hidden talent by telling them that it’s all up to them for us to win. All the hard work that they will be doing will get us to the top. With their hard work, we can impress judges and the other team. The other team is no match for them. And, above all, remember to include everyone. Make sure to have each person’s name on that project. It’s not right for one person to do everything on her own just to the get the credit.


  1. Well said!!! That’s so true. Sometimes what’s hidden is more powerful than what’s out in the open

  2. Paula said says:

    You should always include everyone. If u see someone on the side just get up for to seconds and bring them to be apart of whatever your doing. Don’t let them sit on the side and wait for someone to go get them be that person to go.

  3. This is theachimg I lesson about never to give up always try and try and u will succeed

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