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By Sarah Zeitoune Once, my friend and I signed up for the school talent show.  We were so excited. It worked out perfectly because she was a good song writer and I was a good singer. The talent show was in 4 days and we needed to start. Today was Wednesday and the show was on Sunday. She started writing the song Wednesday night and finished it Thursday. Then, she gave it to me Friday to remember it over the weekend. The weekend went by. As they were about to call me, I was so nervous but I was so happy because I knew our song was amazing. I sang and we ended up winning. But, when they said the winners they only said my name. So, I got up and gave a speech. I said, “Always remember there no “I” in the team.” And I said specifically, “This song and the efforts wasn’t all me. I want to give a big thank you to my best friend for writing this amazing song.” Everyone was clapping and I walked off stage getting a huge hug.


  1. Raphael ammar says:

    I learned from this story

  2. i learnd from the story that you should include the peaple you work with

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