Stories to Build Teamwork – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Jacob  Hedaya In school, my teacher in social studies class announced that she will make groups in the class and each group will have to research and make a project on their tribe that she will assign. My group and I decided to make a poster and a slide show. We worked for a long time but everyone did something perfectly. From drawing to gluing, printing to cutting, finding picture to setting up the slide show and so on. It was a great success and in the end we were all very proud of ourselves and we knew that if it wasn’t for all of us together we never would have made it as good as it was.


  1. morris hasbani says:

    Everyone should work together and teamork always wins.

  2. this story make away to share what u work that you didnt work on it by your self . what ever you work on its always perfect . and this story is great and its a good way you could work on it together it always works out. any time you go slowly it alway the best.

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