Jewish Values on Teamwork

By Eddie Sutton It was the fourth quarter 3 minutes left a player names Jacob was on the bench. So far the players make it 35-31 the other team was winning and it was 1:30 seconds left. Jacob was getting mad because he thought he was going to play, then coach said Jacob go in the game. So Jacob got up and went into the game. By the time he got in to the game it was 39-35. The other team with 33 seconds, our team was getting mad and they were going down the court. So, the point guard passed it to Jacob with 15 seconds left. Jacob caught the ball dribbled and dribbled and waited for the perfect moment than it was 5, 4, 3, 2, Jacob shot the ball. From the 3 pointer the ball was bouncing then it went in. While he shot the ball he got fouled so he went to the foul line with 7 seconds left he hit the foul shot so now it’s 35-35. Then they went into overtime so Jacob stayed in and then scored 4 points and they won. After the game the whole team jumped on Jacob. We were all surprised.


  1. moses smeke says:

    sometimes people get angry when there losing but if the try and wait until you know you are going to score shoot it you might win

  2. Esther Shemia says:

    Sometimes people don’t realize how good a person’s abilities are, because they only realize how good themselves are

  3. Max Maleh says:

    That is a very nice paragraph

  4. Abraham jemal says:

    Confidence, the coach trusted his player that is bad and never really gets to play so he trusted him and he did a great mitzvah.

  5. Wow this is amazing! I learned from this that I shouldnt get mad for no reason. you should always be happy and not get mad if you don’t know if you will win or lose.you’ll have to wait to see before you react.once again this was an. amazing thing.this thought me a good lesson

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