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By Brenda Heffez Sarah and Michelle were best friends. Sarah was smart and kind. Michelle wasn’t so smart but she was still kind. It was Tuesday and an assignment was due in English class. Michelle didn’t complete the assignment and asked Sarah if she can borrow it. Sarah wasn’t so sure about giving Michelle the work because they would probably get caught. Michelle would also not learn anything by copying. Even though Michelle thought it was helping her, it was only making worse. Sarah told Michelle that she couldn’t give her the work. Michelle got really angry at Sarah and she got a zero for that assignment. She didn’t talk to Sarah for 3 days. On the 3rd day, another assignment was due. Michelle apologized for being mad at her. She asked for that assignment that was due again. Sarah knew how much trouble she would get into but gave it to Michelle. The teacher caught Michelle for cheating. Sarah and Michelle were in detention together. They both apologized. Sarah was happy because she knew that Michelle learned her lesson. Michelle also apologized for taking advantage of Sarah. Michelle realized what a good friend Sarah was being by not giving her homework because, then, Michelle would learn to do her homework by herself. Sarah liked Michelle better when she wasn’t using her for work. It teaches us that cheating is not right and we should not rely on our friends for work, especially because the outcome would be bad for the both of you.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. max shalom says:

    you should always be kind but never be mean or rely on people

  2. Esther Shemia says:

    people shouldn’t rely on their friends for their work that they do, but their heart that they have.michelle shouldn’t have taken advantage of sarah like that

  3. michelle ryba says:

    i learned that you should be honest about if you forgot something or you didn’t do something because lying is never the answer.

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