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By Michelle Kassab One day, my friend Emily and I were at school. Lisa, the popular girl, came up to me and invited me to her party. But my best friend, Emily, wasn’t invited. I told Emily that if she wasn’t invited I won’t go either. Emily said, “Go and have fun.” So, I went. At the party, Lisa was acting like my best friend, but it felt strange. But, I still went with it. The next day, Lisa asked if I wanted to do homework together with her by her house. I said, “Yes.” But, then, Emily came up to me and asked if I want to go out tonight with her. I told her I had plans with Lisa. I said, “I won’t go.” But, Emily said, “Don’t worry, just go.” I went to Lisa’s house. When we were doing homework, it looked like I was doing all the work, but I just went with it. The next day, Lisa asked me to do her homework for her. I told her “No” and went to my best friend, Emily. Emily was a real friend, she took me back.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. Arlene Natkin says:

    I learned from this story that you should always hang out with your real friends not people that want to use u

  2. tali hubara says:

    always stay with your real friend.but do not be friends with fake friend

  3. Always stick with the friends that help u out and are true not the ones who use you

  4. Always trust your friends that you know and love

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