From the Torah on Friendship – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Alana Gindi One day Marielle needed help doing schoolwork in class. She was upset because there was a test on that subject the next day. Another girl, named Susan, said to Marielle, “I saw you needed help. Can I help you?” Marielle said, “Sure, thank you!” Susan sat at her desk and helped her with the grammar problems. Marielle said, “Thank you. I am going to do great on my test.” The next day the test came. Marielle was ready. She took the test and felt confident. She said she did well. Susan saw that the teacher wrote on the board math problem. Susan asked Marielle to help her and Marielle said, “No.”


  1. Karenbraha says:

    When you have confidence in yourself you can achieve anything.
    You are so right….and so bright.!!!

  2. jennifer dweck says:

    i learned to be a nice person and to be a great friend

  3. Love your story

  4. Madison Mark says:

    always be nice to a friend

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