Jewish Values on Facebook – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Shoshana Dweck Social media can ruin your individuality and yourself. You might see a picture on Instagram or Facebook or any other social media, and see a picture of someone that is shopping with all her friends and she gets so many likes just because what they are doing is cool and everyone wants to go with them. She might say to herself, “I am not with them. I am not cool.” But you don’t really like what they are doing.


  1. Judy Sitt says:

    i learned that social media is bad

  2. joseph torkieh says:

    i learned to always do favors to other people because you will get payed back by the person you did the favor to

  3. raphael ammar says:

    very true hope you tell more true things

  4. That is very true because someone can take a picture of you doing something cool but later on you may regret it.

  5. I really learned a lot from this. This really inspired me

  6. chocolate ;P says:

    You are so right!!!!!!! social media can ruin someones confidence…

  7. Your a great writer and your totally awesome!

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