Jewish Values on Facebook – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Moshe Lati When kids get left out they fell hurt. When your friend gets jealous, he will try to show off or to act cooler than you. When you post a picture on instagram and it gets 100 likes he’ll get jealous and try to get more likes. Also some kids get jealous when they see their friends with a new iphone they want a new iphone.


  1. Judy Sitt says:

    i learned not to show off

  2. raphael ammar says:

    so true and i believe its not a competition

  3. So true

  4. Nice

  5. leor yazdi says:

    There is one person I know who is like that and I know because he pours his heart out to me he is …….. me!

  6. silva qubrusi says:

    good job I am proud of u

  7. nice that is so true

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