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From the Torah to Be Resilient – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Violet Cohen Something that happened to me when I didn’t give up was when I kept trying and trying to make a roller coaster with my brother. We tried 17 times and it never worked. Finally, on the 18th time, I put the last piece on and it finally worked. It took us 2 hours but we finally succeeded. I was so happy. Then we put a marble on it and it went through the whole roller coaster. That is a time when I tried and failed but I never gave up.


  1. Shirley Haber says:

    Love u violet so inspiring !!!

  2. Amazing story can’t believe it

  3. Great story !!! Ever since you are a little girl you’ve always been determined to get to your goal !! This character will bring you lots of success in the future .. We are so proud of you !!!

  4. Freda Assoulin says:

    Thanks for teaching us such a valuable lesson! And I loved how you worked together.

  5. Charlotte Assoulin says:

    That was the best story! And I liked it because it took 2 hrs and you tried and you tried and you never gave up!

  6. Tuni tebele says:

    This story is so inspiring! I always feel like giving up when I don’t succeed . This teaches me that no matter how frustrated I am to keep on trying! Thank You for this!

  7. That’s is a great story. I love you violet. May you always inspire everyone around you. Keep up the great work!
    Love, mom

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