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By Susan Falack I love basketball. Every night, I play basketball. I love to shoot it in the basket. One night, I tried to shoot from the three line. I tried and tried but I just couldn’t do it. I practiced every night and day. I kept getting closer and closer. One night, I tried and tried and I finally scored. I was so proud. I really wanted to score. So, I tried and tried and never gave up. That’s how I scored from the three pointer.


  1. Esther Habert says:

    Same thing for me too! It was so hard for me at first but than I finally got it in!

  2. Renna falack says:

    Wow sue that’s why UR amazing at basketball and a great player because u never gave up!!!!!

  3. Robyn Chalme says:

    Wow sue! Love the story it’s a great lesson. That shot you shot at our game really proves your point.

  4. morris dweck says:

    I learned from this story that you should always keep trying and never give up , but most of all I learned that u should always follow your dreams and that anything is possible !!!!!!

  5. Wow Susan I love this. I really Learnt my lesson to keep on trying like tonight.

  6. Esther Bukai says:

    Great job Susan!! You never gave up. Great lesson

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