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By Sari Gindi Last year, I was talking with my friend and another girl came and they both ran away from me. I didn’t know where they were going. That girl laughed at me and told my secret that I told only to one other person. I knew she told everyone. I was getting so mad. But, I realized that there is no point in being mad. I told my friend to please not tell anyone my secret and she still did it. I got over it and I pretended that I didn’t care. One day, she came to me and started to cry. I asked her, “What happened?” She said she was so sorry and that a girl was making her tell everyone or else she wouldn’t be her friend. I said, “Ok,” and we were friends again.


  1. Esti lazar says:

    Omggggg. I am so sorry that this happened to you. From this story I learned an amazing lesson -mrs levy class

  2. Esther Habert says:

    I’m so glad you guys became friends again!

  3. Sari!!!!!! I light cried from your story now it’s the last time I say secrets to anyone even my best friend

  4. sari kassin says:

    so sweat true rebecca

  5. great lesson to only tell friends secrets who you trust

  6. Esther Bukai says:

    Sari great lesson! Not to tell someone something if you know there going to tell people not to say it. Thanks sari life lesson. Also sorry that happened feel very bad but great lesson sari!! Haha

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