Develop Character of Resilience

By Sylvia Franco     Shirley just got the role of the main character in her school play. When she got home she couldn’t wait to tell her mom. Everyone was so happy for her. She practiced memorizing her lines every day and night before the play. Two days before the play, Shirley decided she would perform for her family to practice in front of an audience. As she was about to say her lines, she froze and blanked out. She didn’t know where to begin or what to say. She ran out of the room crying. “What do I do now?” She thought. Then an idea struck her, she had to face her fear. So she decided she would say her lines with her eyes closed. This way if she ever froze on stage she would just close her eyes and say her lines. On the night of her performance, she froze a couple of times but she just closed her eyes and said her lines. She was amazing. Because of this, a producer saw her performing and she became a professional actor. Have she not performed at that play because of her fear, she wouldn’t have been a professional actor.


  1. nancy toussie says:

    i learned that if someone does not know there line they should close there eyes and just dont be afraid

  2. Brenda Sardar says:

    I learned that if you froze on stage just close your eyes

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