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By Lizzy Nasar  There was a girl named Esther. She loved to play basketball. In fact, after homework, every day, she would play. One day in school there was an announcement. “Girls, basketball tryouts are next week in the gym.” Esther thought that she should try out. She asked her friends Rachel and Laya if they were trying out. Rachel and Laya told Esther, “Yes, we’re so excited! Are you trying out?” Esther said, “Yes, I’m excited too!” Esther went home that day and told her mom, “I’m going to try out for the basketball team next week.” Esther’s mom said, “Wow that’s great. You should practice.” Esther went to practice. It was next week and Esther went to try out with her friends. When they announced who was on the team, they didn’t say Esther’s name. She was so sad. Next year, Esther tried again and she got in. This shows that if you fail, practice and practice. You will definitely succeed.


  1. Margo Kamin says:

    wow this is very interesting and easy to understand learned so much from it

  2. Noy Chalouh says:

    Love this one

  3. Noy Chalouh says:

    So inspiring !!!

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