Character Trait of Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Moshe Lati   Who knows that moment when there are 3 seconds of the game and your team is counting on you to take the game’s winning shot? Well I do. I had the ball in my hands and I was so nervous. The one thing I was thinking was let’s say I made the shot, the whole crowd would be going nuts! But, I also thought lets say I missed that shot, my whole team would be screaming at me or they will never trust me to take the last shot. I had the ball with 3 seconds. I shot…and I missed. My team didn’t scream at me. They told me, “Its ok. We all make mistakes. People learn from their mistakes.” I felt good, really good. But, now, the second time, are my teammates are going to trust me to take the game’s winning shot? I am not going to be scared or nervous. I am going to be strong. The truth is when you’re nervous; you’re most likely to screw up. But, if you stay strong and believe in yourself, I guarantee you’re going to succeed. Failing at something is good because you learn from your mistakes and that is what makes you succeed.


  1. Raphael ammar says:

    I agree and get it

  2. Marco habbouba says:

    wow i really learned something

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