Character Trait of Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Linda Sasson
One day I wanted to try to play baseball with my friend. I started to throw the ball up in the air and I tried to hit it but I missed. I kept trying to hit the ball but it was no use, because I kept missing. My friend said, “Give it up. You’ll never be as good as me.” After she said that, I felt really bad. And I believed that I wasn’t going to be as good as her. Then, every day after school, I went outside and my dad pitched to me. I did a little better because I got one hit, but it didn’t go so far. The next day, I went outside again to practice. I hit the ball up into the trees. I was jumping up and down because I got such a good hit. I ran and gave my dad the biggest hug and thanked him for making me so good at basketball. I learned from that to never give up because everything is possible.

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  1. Everyone has been there

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