Character Building Story on Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By: Charles Grossman When you are facing a challenge not to let it affect you
When you are growing up we are taught to have emunah or faith in Hashem the key to dealing with stressful challenges is to make sure that you prepare yourself as best you can for the challenge, and in the back of your mind always know that Hashem will make sure you do great and guide you in the right path. The key to success is never thinking that you can do things based on your own power but instead we should believe that Hashem is our partner and together we can do anything and face any challenge



  1. Wow!!!!!!!!! I love it!! Super inspirational.

  2. Arlette franco says:

    Wow Charles. That is amazing!!!

  3. Amazing story can’t stop reading it

  4. Great story Charles!! I love it! Good job!

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