Character Building of Persistence – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Gabrielle Dweck  There was once a girl names Emma. Emma just got a new job at her dream office, working as a designer in a high end company. She was the new girl. Most of the employees stayed clear of her. She kept trying and trying to become part of the clique, but they ignored her. One day she was finally invited to have lunch break with them. She got some coffee and started to walk towards the table where all the employees were sitting. Just as she was about to reach her seat, she tripped and spilled her boiling hot coffee all over the table and the meanest employee there, the queen bee, Jacqueline. Everybody jumped up and screamed at her. Jacqueline told her that she blew her chances with them and she would stop at nothing to get her fired. Jacqueline also told Emma, she probably couldn’t design one nice piece of clothing. The next day, Emma came in to work and the boss told her she was selected to design a new line of clothing. Emma told herself, she could do it. And she would prove to herself and everybody else that she deserved to be here. She went on to make a line the boss loved and became the top employee and made friends.


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    wow very interesting. learned a lot from this

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