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By Dona Huppert  One day in class we were learning integers for the first time. My teacher was asking very tricky question. I was scared to be called on because I wasn’t sure of my answer. My teacher called on me and I got the question wrong. I felt so embarrassed. I felt like I was going to burst out. My teacher said it was ok to get something wrong because “You will learn from your mistake.” But, that didn’t help. Later in the day, I told my mom what was wrong. She said, “You should work on fixing your mistake. That night, I worked really hard. The next day in math, the teacher asked the same questions. I raised my hand and I got it wrong. I was even angrier than the last time. I went home and I told myself, “I could do it again and get it right.” The next day, my teacher asked it again and I got it right. I was so happy. I learned, when you fail, you have to start fresh and be confident.

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