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By Devorah Band  Sarala was an average 8 year old. She played with her friends’ games, jump rope and so on. But as summer came all her friends were riding their bikes and she was left out. Her parents bought her a beautiful pink bike for her birthday. But Sarala never used it because she was embarrassed to that she still needed training wheels. Her family tried very hard to teach her how to ride without training wheels. In the middle of July she felt like she was ready to bike along with her friends. In the beginning, she was having a blast with her hair flying in the wind. Suddenly she lost her balance and fell off her bike. Her friends, Leah and Penina, started laughing at her. She turned red and ran home with tears dripping down her cheeks. Sarala kept on trying for weeks. A month later a she felt confident and went outside. This time, she had a better time and didn’t fall off. Thanks to her family she accomplished riding bike and felt good about herself.

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  1. Margo Kamin says:

    wow very interesting. learned a lot from this

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