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By Shyrelle Pesso I have a goal to be a better chazanit. When I was in second grade I was the class chazanit. I was so shy that i was mumbling and I was being laughed at. Now that I am older, I told myself that I grew up and that was a long time ago. Now, I will do it with confidence. I try to learn from my mistakes, because if I don’t learn from my mistakes then I won’t know what I did wrong.


  1. I am looking back at this from a few years ago

  2. Shelly said says:

    I love ur story bec it teaches me a lot and now I will not laugh at anyone

  3. bella sakal says:

    I think that she should stick up for herself and read more

  4. sarit blas says:

    I learned from the story that a girl was small and shy and when she grew up she wasn’t shy anymore

  5. julie kabariti says:

    always carcht your mistakes

  6. Albert Pesso says:

    I learned that confidentce in my self is inportant

  7. shmuel bendaat says:

    WOW that’s what I have to say , it motivated my daughters to be chazanit and that made me very happy. Thank you shyrell

  8. She wil inspire me to follow my goles like doing my dream job

  9. sharon tarrob says:

    so good i like it it tells me a lesson to pray better

  10. that was beautiful it really inspired me to pray better

  11. shelly said says:

    when somemone is chazanit i will never make fun of anyone this is a good lesson

  12. She really inspires me alot beacauase I must lern from my mistakes

  13. Mistakes are what make you one step closer to perfect,don’t look at them as a sign to stop

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