torah contest on friendship

By Sarah Tawil There was a new girl in school. Her name is Jen. Every day, she would walk to school alone. One day, her parents won the lottery and it was all over the school. All of a sudden, everyone ran to her and wanted to be her friend. After a few days, she realized that everyone was using her. But, there was one girl who liked Jen even before she won the lottery, but was too shy to talk to her. The next day, Jen told everyone that her parents lost the money. She wanted to see if people would still talk to her. But, not one person talked to her, just that shy girl. After that, Jen became friends with the shy girl. She saw clearly who was a good friend and who was a fake friend.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

torah-contest on building courage

By Rochelle Menahem I was in science class and my teacher asked a question. I was so confident to answer it. My teacher called on me and I was so confident to answer it. I said it and got it wrong. I was so embarrassed. So, for a few days I didn’t raise my hand for anything. Then I realized that on my report card it’s going to say “Didn’t participate in class.” So, I started raising my hand. And even if I got something wrong, I didn’t stop. I ended up getting “Very Good Participation” on my report card.

Torah contest on Teamwork

By Gail Hafif In a play, the actors would have a better chance of having an amazing play if all the characters focused, even if they had one line, but said it with confidence, belief, voice, feeling and hope. That would make the play wonderful even if you didn’t have a spotlight. But the main actor should make it a point to recognize all the people who work behind the scene and make the play possible. He should say, “I am sorry you didn’t get so many parts, but if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have known when to start and what to say, so thank you.”

Jewish Values on Facebook

By Bobby Matalon Did you ever have a real friend? Well, Facebook tricks your mind. Facebook makes you believe that, if you get “Friended,” it means you got a friend. But, while you think you have friends, you don’t know them in real life. Maybe the reason you got friended is because the person who friended is saying, “Oh look. If I friend this popular guy, then he’ll friend me and because he friended me everyone will friend me. That’s how people think on Facebook. Most of the time people who friend you on Facebook are fake. They are just using you to get followers.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

Jewish Values on Friendship

By Clarisse Cohen “Help me,” Alison said acting all nervous. “Alexis, I didn’t do my homework,” Alison said. Alison rushed to Alexis and said, “Please help me.” Alexis knew it was Alison’s first time not doing homework so she gave her the worksheet. One week later, Alexis forgot to write down her homework. The next day, she asked Alison if she can copy the questions on the worksheet she forgot to do. Alison said, “No.” Alexis said, “It’s only one time,” while her face turned red as a watermelon. “No,” Alison said repeating it over and over.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

Jewish Values on Positive Attitude

By Sarit Hara I am always sad because I am not talented. But, I tried lots of things such as art, knitting, swimming, basketball, football, gymnastics and doing nails. So, one day my aunt came and asked me to do her hair. I said, “I am not good at it.” She said, “Just try.” So, I did and it came out beautiful. I realized that it was always there for me. I have a talent. It’s all from Hashem. If you can’t find what you are good at, you should never give up because you are going to find it.