Torah Values on Overcoming Failure – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Rena Chaiklen   You have an assignment in one of your classes to write a story. You have a really great idea and work very hard to write it. When you get to school the day that it’s due, you are very confident and happy with your story. You go around showing it to everyone and telling them to read it. When you hand it in, you tell the teacher, “I think I did well.” When you get it back, you get a very bad grade. Everyone is very happy with their grades and is asking you what you got. You tell them, sadly, that you did badly. And you’re very embarrassed. The next time you get assigned to write a story, at first you’re upset, because last time you did badly. When you get home instead of just writing anything, because you think you’re a bad writer, you put your all into the story. You do things differently than you did before, and you come up with a better story. This time you get the highest grade.