From the Torah How to Be Persistent – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Albert Richter   My goal was to win a basketball championship on the school basketball team. This year we were favored to be a favorite team. We played amazing all season and went to playoffs. It was a championship day and I was very nervous. We were playing a team that was much bigger than us. I knew it would be a huge challenge for us to win the game. Throughout the game we always kept fighting no matter what the score was. We ended up losing the game. I was devastated and didn’t know how I was ever going to play, knowing we were so close but didn’t close the deal. After sitting on the floor all depressed I realized that even after a loss you can’t give up. You have to learn from your mistakes. Watch the games over, see what you can change so that next time you are in that scenario you can win it all. The key to success in basketball is to never give up. Always fight until the final buzzer because if you do this, you can win.