Torah Core Values on Happiness – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Yehudis Kahan Sara sat in dance class watching her two neighbors dance along with the dance teacher. Why couldn’t she do those gymnastic moves with them? Why do they get solos and she does not? But wait, she also has something they don’t have. A talent that she is good at is tap dancing. Does it really matter what she doesn’t have? No, because what makes her happy is what really matters. The next time dance class came around, Sara’s dance teacher came over to her and asked her to tap dance by herself. Sara realized that everyone has different talents. Happiness is something everlasting. It’s not going to Florida for a week and going to Los Angeles another week. Happiness is things that mean something to you. For example: the Torah, your family, your feelings, etc. A new pair of shoes or winning a game means something for those few minutes. But, then the happiness dies away and there is nothing left. So, don’t get jealous from someone else’s talent or toy. Think about what happiness really is and you’ll feel like a new person.