Teen Stories to Build Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Margo Chabot  Allison’s goal is to be an artist. Allison and her friend take an art class. They were painting a sunset. Allison’s sunset came out horrible. Everyone’s art work was so much better. The art teacher said, “You have to practice at home.” The next art class, they were still working on sunset. She practiced at home many times. Allison’s art was even worse. She said, “Next time, I’m not going to fail.” Everyday, after school she practiced for one hour. She didn’t have a doubt that she isn’t going to fail. The next art class, the teacher said her sunset was much better. When they started a new drawing, it was a fruit. Allison did the fruit excellently, not one mistake. Her friend was so proud of her and so were her parent and teacher. Allison realized she was putting so much pressure on herself, that’s why it was not coming out nice before.