Take more risks, get more rewards – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Rachel Nussbaum  Without risks, life would be boring. In order to make your life more exciting, you need to be daring and take risks. If you are constantly scared to take risks, you will never be accustomed to new things. If you constantly eat the same food, wear the same clothes and have the same friends, then you will just live a simple, boring life. Some people might fear taking risks because of the consequences or because they don’t like to try new things. We need to overcome this fear and train our minds to let us take those risks. So, what do you have to lose by taking risks? Either you’re happy or you’re disappointed; but either way it is an experience. There are so many benefits from being daring. One time, I went to Six Flags and all my friends were going on a really high roller coaster, and I am afraid of heights. So, I refused to go. I thought to myself, “Why not to take a risk? What can I lose? If I have fun, then I will have officially overcome my fears. If I don’t have fun, then I can at least say I went on that roller coaster and at least I attempted to overcome my fear.” Because of this experience, I now have the ability to face my other fears and try more new things. There is nothing wrong with change. But, you have to take control of your mind and have the courage to make those changes. What would life be without a little diversity?

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine