Stories on Building Courage – CLICK TO COMMENT

By David Azrak I am not man of change nor am I one that ever pushes himself to adopt. With that said, however, I can recall a story from my post in which a similar situation occurred. Basically, everyone was leaving this certain summer camp that we all went to for several years. And I was very reluctant to go. I realized that it was either I go to that new camp, that was unknown and possible terrible or stay in my old camp all alone with no one to talk to and have an average summer. Well, I ended up going to that new camp. And to this day I still don’t regret that decision. It’s quiet interesting how human mind works. We are very reluctant to change despite the fact that we know it’s the better and more logical solution. To end this all off, I can only say, don’t be afraid to take that chance because it can yield greater results and success.