Motivational Story on Overcoming Challenge – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Shimon Kadosh    In my camp, many years ago we had a play which I had part in. after weeks or practicing, the day of the play finally arrived. I woke up that morning with such feeling of excitement and nervousness combined. My mother drove my friends and I to the auditorium where the play was to be held. By the time I was dressed in my costume and the room started filling up with people I started getting butterflies in my stomach. The day I’ve been waiting for has finally come. The lights dimmed and the music started playing. The curtains opened and the play officially started. A couple of scenes later, it was my turn to go on stage. I walked slowly onto stage repeating my lines over and over again. When it came for me to recite my likes, I started all dramatically but then I stopped. I had forgotten the rest. I looked into the black filled room somehow thinking it would have my lines floating around. I felt like I would cry. Hundreds of eyes were staring at me. I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, B”H, I remembered them. After the scene was over, I ran off the stage as fast as I could and rushed away before anyone could talk to me or even see me. I was so embarrassed. In 6th grade our class put on a play and I was so determined to fix my mistake. This time I practiced every single day and night. I had two parts. The day of the play came and I not only remembered my lines but I did it with such a confidence realizing that even if you’ve made mistakes the first time you can still fix it.