Motivational Essay on Overcoming Laziness – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Chayala Nachum Picture this scenario. Its 8:45 in the morning and you’re curled up under your covers, blissfully unaware that you are late for school. Your mother told you to wake up but your Yetzer Hara convinced you not to. You finally wake up and dash to school without eating breakfast or davening. For the most part of the day, you are in horrible mood. At first it felt alright to listen to the Yetzer Hara. But, in the long run, you lost out. Try to overcome Yetzer Hara! Next time, set your alarm clock five minutes earlier than usual and then relax for a few minutes in bed. Do this for a week or so. Then work on not hitting the snooze button on the clock. Try putting it beyond your reach so you don’t inadvertently press it. If you succeed in doing this, you’ll win in the end.
Picture this scenario: its 7:15. You are already dressed and sitting at your kitchen table eating a leisurely breakfast. After eating, you have ample time left over for davening and you are still able to catch the bus. Look how much better you feel! Which scenario would you rather be in?