Motivational Essay on Discipline – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Dafna Stern Discipline. The word alone has so much power, so much meaning. Self discipline might have the most power and ability to get you somewhere far in life. From limiting your ice cream to holding back your anger, self discipline goes far. To me, the most important type of self discipline is time management. When someone is looking for employment, they do not want to hire someone for a job if they do not know how to get stuff done due to the lack of the time discipline. If someone else is applying for the job and they have a set schedule in their mind and discipline themselves to follow it, they will get much done and probably get the job. If someone wants to go to college and they know how to follow a studying schedule, they will do much better than those who do no know how to study properly. Self discipline is an essential value in which I hope to achieve. It can get you very far in life.