Motivational Articles on Friendship – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Aliza Greenberger “I like your dress,” said Sara. “Thank you,” said Leah. After a day of compliments, Leah said “You want to come to my house after school?” “Sure.” “Why don’t we practice for the play?” said Leah. “Well,” replied Sara, “I don’t really have a part.” “That’s all right. I can get you one. My mother is the head,” answered Leah. “Really? What a surprise,” Sara exclaimed. “Yep. I’ll go talk to her.” “Guess what? I have a part,” said Leah, in a happy voice. “Thank you so much,” Sara continued, “Well, sorry. I have to go. Bye.” So, you want to come to my house,” asked Leah. “Sorry I can’t. I am going to Rivka’s house,” replied Sara. “But I got you the part?” Leah asked in dismay.” “Sorry, got to go,” was all Sara said.