Moral Stories on Friendship – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Faigy Eisen Huvy is not the best student in school. One night, our teacher gave way too much homework. Huvy sighed. When Huvy came home, she thought of only one thing. The homework. Huvy ran to the phone and called Dasie. “Hello,” said Huvy. “Hi,” responded Dasie, the smartest girl in class. “I need help with homework,” stated Huvy. “Sure, exclaimed Dasie.” Huvy was excited that she should get help with homework. After 3 and half hours, homework was done. “Bye, friend,” said Dasie hoping for a good response. Huvy was a little unsure but she managed to say, “Bye.” The next day, Huvy was in school having a blast with her new toy. Dasie asked, “Can I borrow it for a little?” “No way, smarty pants,” said Huvy. And, that was the last time Dasie ever helped Huvy.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine