What you lose because of fear in friendship – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Jill Gindi  Mary and Nancy went to the ice skating rink. Mary’s mom got them ice skates. Mary had been taking lessons and Nancy didn’t have a clue how to ice skate. Mary didn’t know that. So Mary said, “Let go of the wall” and SPLAT, she landed right on the floor. Mary raced over and said, “Are you ok?” Nancy replied, “Um, I guess I’m a little rusty.” Mary said, “Ok, skate with me.” Nancy replied, “Ok,” and she fell again. “You don’t have any experience,” Mary told Nancy. “I know,” Nancy replied. “Why did you lie?” “Because I was scared that you would laugh at me”, continued Nancy. “I would never,” Mary reassured her.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine