Jewish Values on Teamwork – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Jeanette Tebele When I had a science project with my friend Pamela, we had to make a copy of an animal or a plant cell. Pamela gave us the idea to do an animal cell. First, we went to her house and were looking for all foods to use for it because we were making it as a cake. After that, on a different day, she came to my house and we made the cell. We didn’t have any toothpicks for labeling all the parts of a cell. So, I had the idea of taking a spoon, cracking the top off and using the stick for labeling. That worked out great. So, when we came to school and presented our project, we both thought we did a great job and we did. At the end of the day, we got a 95% and we knew it was because we used teamwork.