Jewish Values on Positive Attitude – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Chani Brodt Suri was the only one who wasn’t playing. We were all playing elimination by recess. But she was sitting on the side looking upset. I got out after a couple of minutes and I went over to sit next to her. I asked her what was wrong and she told me she got a very bad mark on her test. I was surprised; Suri was one of the smartest kids in class. So, I told her she should stop worrying about it, that she shouldn’t be so upset. There will be other tests to bring her average back up. I also told her that she had so many good things going for her. She was so talented. She could dance and sing and draw really well. She had so many friends. After I told her all this, she seemed to feel better. She told me, “Thanks” and got up to join the game. I saw that we had started a new elimination game so I got up and followed her.