Jewish Values on Positive Attitude – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Malka Nussbaum Elana lives on a nice block. She has loads of girls her age on her block. Some are her friends and others are not really nice to her. They fill her life with misery. They make fun of her, do pranks on her, etc. The tormenting is non-stop and definitely not going to change any time soon. When they make fun of her and torment her, Elana fells horrible. She thinks, “How could people possibly be so mean, throwing garbage on your porch, scaring you. How could neighbors be so tough?” But, then, Elana thinks abut how she changed over the year. The fighting only helped her grow. She realized how much she matured and is now able to handle tough people. And even though some neighbors drive her crazy, Hashem wants this. He wants Elana to strengthen herself. He wants her to realize how much she has so she has some bad neighbors. A few weeks ago, Elana had another problem with her sibling. Her sister, Tamar, was trying to break her necklace that she got for her birthday. Elena just kept calm and cool, the same technique she uses with her neighbors and soon, as if by magic, her sister stopped. She realized that her ‘problem ‘ with her neighbors is not really a ‘problem’ because it’s all for the best!