Jewish Values on Learning from Failure – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Raymond Cohen   When Bill was in 9th grade his whole life changed. He was that class clown who always fooled around in elementary school. It was his first year in high school and he wanted to change his act and start doing well in school. His goal was to get into honors and go to a good college. So he started to work hard and changed his attitude. He began to get decent grades. But, then he got his math test back and he failed. His whole class saw what he got. He felt foolish. His confidence and motivation went down. He began to fail and became like his old self. So, after a few months of fooling around and being the class clown he said to himself, “That’s enough. I can succeed. One failure will not stop me.” He began to work hard. He got hundreds on his the tests. Like they say, “They biggest success comes from the greatest failures.”